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Royal Free Music for Your Business

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Be a member of  FREECMUSIC
and feel the
absolute freedom
from the royalty costs!

We offer a wide range and excellent quality of instrumental music with targeted playlists for every occasion and every place.

Package: FREECone

Choose a playlist from our catalog that you want to play in your business

Package: FREECpro 

With the FREECpro monthly program you get your company's radio and we  record for you, your company's radio spots every month (for offers, events, etc.).

Package: FREECplus

Build your company's "radio" with selected music from our huge catalog

We are HERE for you and your needs!

Ask FREECMUSIC team about any project you have in your mind and we will find the solution for you.

Music Equalizer
Music Equalizer

FREECMUSIC was created to offer a quality solution to Hotels, Restaurants, Beach Bars, Cafes and any other business that wants to have music in their space, without paying "obscene" amounts to Music Royalty Collectors.

We offer our music catalog with thousands of songs and we offer solutions that fits on your Company.

Free (FREE) Copyrights (Copyright) Music (MUSIC) it's what your business needs...
to feel FREE!

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